Kazantsev S.V. 2016. New and little known species of Falsolucidota Pic, 1921 from New Guinea (Coleoptera: Lycidae) // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.25. No.4: 355–360 [in English].

Insect Centre, Donetskaya 13–326, Moscow 109651, Russia. E-mail: kazantss@mail.ru

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Lycidae, new species, Papuan regions.

ABSTRACT: Five new species of net-winged beetles from a metriorrhynchine genus Falsolucidota Pic, 1921: F. curticollis, F. paula, F. planipennis, F. rajampatensis and F. telnovi spp.n. are described from New Guinea and adjacent islands. Autapomorphies of Falsolucidota are discussed. Falsolucidota testaceicollis Pic, 1921, the type species of Falsolucidota, and Marena tristis Kazantsev, 2007, the type species of Marena Kazantsev, 2007, are illustrated.

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