Petrov A.V. 2016. New data and description of new species of bark beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) from east slope of Cordillera Vilcabamba of Peru // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.25. No.4: 393–400 [in English].

Institute of Forest Science, RAS, Sovetskaya st., 21, Uspenskoe, Moscow Region, 143030, Russia. E-mail:

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae, bark beetles, taxonomy, Cusco, Cordillera Vilcabamba, Peru.

ABSTRACT. Three new species of Scolytinae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) are described from the Cusco region of Peru: Micracis wataensis, Pseudothysanoes tecomi and Xylechinus smithae spp.n. New records of bark beetles in the forest communities of the Cordillera Vilcabamba are given.

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