Kaplin V.G. 2020. A new species of bristletail of the genus Allopsontus (Microcoryphia: Machilidae) from Dagestan (Russia) // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.29. No.3: 233–236 [in English].

All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection, St. Petersburg, Pushkin 196608 Russia. E-mail: ctenolepisma@mail.ru

doi: 10.15298/rusentj.29.3.01

ABSTRACT: A new species of bristletail, i.e. Allopsontus agvalensis sp.n., is described and illustrated on material from the Eastern Caucasus. This species is characterized by the presence of 2 + 2 exsertile vesicles on urocoxites II–V and the absence of long thin chaetae on legs, maxillary and labial palpi of the male and belongs to the nominotypical subgenus Allopsontus s. str. Among described species of this subgenus A. agvalensis sp.n. can be compared with two congeners, A. verae Kaplin, 2015 and A. hebraeus (Wygodzinsky, 1974), whose males also possess numerous small chaetae on the ventral surfaces of palpomeres 5–7 of the maxillary palp as well as on apical palpomere 3 of the labial palp and a narrow sensory field on fore femur. The new species differs from both A. verae and A. hebraeus in eye color, short contact line of eyes, the small number of ramose sensilla on the fore femur in males, the longer apical palpomere of the maxillary palp and shorter urostyli of urocoxites IX.

KEY WORDS: Western Palaearctic, Great Caucasus, Agvali, Machilinae, Allopsontus, new species.

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