Polevoi A.V.1, Maximova Yu.V.2, Subbotina E.Yu.2 2020. New data on the fungus gnats (Diptera: Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae, Mycetophilidae) of the Taimyr Peninsula with a description of two new species of the genus Boletina Staeger // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.29. No.3: 315–326 [in English].

1 Forest Research Institute of Karelian Reserach Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushkinskaya 11, Petrozavodsk 185910, Russia. E-mail: alexei.polevoi@krc.karelia.ru

2 Tomsk State University, Lenina Prospekt 36, Tomsk 634050, Russia. E-mail: allodia@sibmail.com ; elena.y.subbotina@mail.ru

doi: 10.15298/rusentj.29.3.13

ABSTRACT. New data on the fungus gnats fauna of the Taimyr Peninsula (Russia) are presented. Seventy-two species of the families Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae and Mycetophilidae are reported, 65 of which are new for the area. Five species are newly recorded from Russia and two species — from the Palaearctic region. Two new species: Boletina rodentistyla Polevoi, sp.n. and Boletina pyasina Maximova et Subbotina, sp.n. are described.

KEY WORDS: fungus gnats, fauna, new species, Taimyr, Russia.

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