Yusupova T.I.1, Vinarski M.V.2 2021. [“All new species you discover will decorate my „Mémoires” ”: letters of the Grand Duke Nikolay Mikhailovich to G.E. Grumm-Grzhimailo] // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.30. No.1: 109–122 [in Russian, with English summary].

St.-Petersburg Branch of the S.I. Vavilov Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya nab. 5, St.-Petersburg, 199034 Russia. E-mails: ti-yusupova@mail.ru (1), radix.vinarski@gmail.com (2)

doi: 10.15298/rusentj.30.1.15

ABSTRACT. This work publishes several letters from the Grand Duke Nikolai Mikhailovich Romanov, known as an amateur entomologist and organizer of lepidopterological research in Russia, to his colleague and collaborator, outstanding Russian traveler Grigory Efimovich Grumm-Grzhimailo. Letters written in the period from 1884 to 1899 are kept in the archive of the Russian Geographical Society and have not yet been published and analyzed. Their content is mainly devoted to the organization of lepidopterological research, but also contains a lot of biographical information and valuable details about the circle of entomologists that had formed around the Grand Duke, the peculiarities of the interaction of Grumm-Grzhimailo with his high-ranking colleague and patron. The letters are preceded by a short essay, which highlights the main facts of the biography of Grumm-Grzhimailo and the activities of the Grand Duke during the period of correspondence. The publication may be of interest to both historians of science and professional entomologists.

KEY WORDS: history of lepidopterology, Russia, Nikolay Mikhailovich Romanov (Grand Duke), Grigory Grumm-Grzhimailo, “Mémoires sur les Lépidoptères” (collected essays), the Pamir Expeditions.

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