Kaplin V.G. 2021. A new species of bristletails of the genus Charimachilis (Microcoryphia: Machilidae) from Crimea // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.30. No.2: 123–128 [in English].

All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection, St Petersburg, Pushkin 196608 Russia. E-mail: ctenolepisma@mail.ru

doi: 10.15298/rusentj.30.2.01

ABSTRACT. Charimachilis taurica sp.n. from the vicinity of the city Staryi Krym is described and illustrated. It is compared with parthenogenetic congeners from the Kiev region of Ukraine (C. ukrainensis Stach, 1958), as well as from Rostov (C. rostoviensis Kaplin, 2020) and Belgorod (C. morozovi Kaplin, 2019) regions of the Russian Federation. C. taurica sp.n. can be distinguished from all these species by a larger distance between paired ocelli and the shape of apical palpomere of labial palp. It also differs from C. ukrainensis and C. rostoviensis in the structure of compound eyes and urocoxites VIII and IX; and from C. ukrainensis in the by posterior angle of urosternites II–V. C. taurica sp.n. differs from C. morozovi in the structure of distal chains of flagellum, number of lateral digging teeth in the distal part of the anterior gonapophyses.

KEY WORDS: Southwestern Palaearctic, Staryi Krym, Machilinae, Charimachilis, taxonomy.

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