Semionenkov O.I.1, Gildenkov M.Yu.2 2022. New species of the genus Oxytelus Gravenhorst, 1802 from Russia (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytelinae) // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.31. No.1: 32–35 [in English].

1 “Smolensk Lakeland” National Park, Gurevitcha str. 19, Smolensk Area, Przhevalskoye 216270, Russia. E-mail:

2 Smolensk State University, Przhevalsky str. 4, Smolensk 214000, Russia. E-mail:

doi: 10.15298/rusentj.31.1.06

ABSTRACT: Oxytelus (Tanycraerus) ruthenus Semionenkov et Gildenkov, sp.n. a new species of rove beetle from Russia is described and illustrated. Based on several external and internal morphological features, it is similar to Oxytelus assingi Schülke, 2012 and was erroneously recorded as this species for a long time. The new species differs by significantly paler colouration of the antennal base (segments 1–4) and mouthparts, slightly more developed eyes, shorter antennae, and structural details of sternite VIII. It well differs from O. assingi by the shape of the aedeagus parameres. Presumably, the new species has a boreal distribution.

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Oxytelus, new species, Russia.

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