Grichanov I.Ya.1, Gilasian E.2 2023. Three new species of the genus Argyrochlamys Lamb, 1922 (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) from mangroves of Iran and Oman // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.32. No.2: 210–220 [in English].

1 All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection, Podbelskiy roadway, 3, St. Petersburg, Pushkin 196608 Russia. E-mail:

2 Insect Taxonomy Research Department, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Tehran, 19395-1454, Iran. E-mail:

doi: 10.15298/rusentj.32.2.12

ABSTRACT: The genus Argyrochlamys is discovered in Iran for the first time. Three new long-legged fly species, Argyrochlamys hajiesmaeiliani sp.n. and A. nigrescens sp.n. from Iran and Oman and A. tomkovichi sp.n. from Oman, all collected in or near the mangrove forests, are described and illustrated. The new species from Iran appear to be very close to A. impudicus Lamb, 1922, known from sandy coastal beaches in the Afrotropical and Oriental regions, differing from the latter in body size and coloration, wing venation, morphology of hypandrium. The new species can be reliably differentiated from each other by the set of morphometric characters of wing, antenna and fore leg. The new species A. tomkovichi sp.n. is close to A. marshalli Grichanov, 2010, known from Tanzania, differing from the latter in body size, characters of antenna, wing venation and in colour of coxal bristles. Argyrochlamys decolor (Parent, 1930) from Mauritius is considered different from A. impudicus (stat.n.). An identification key to eight Argyrochlamys species from Indian Ocean coast and islands is compiled. In total, 176 species belonging to 31 genera of the family Dolichopodidae are recorded now from Iran, and only six species from three genera are reported from Oman.

KEY WORDS: Dolichopodinae, Argyrochlamys, new species, Palaearctic, Iran, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Afrotropical, Oman.

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