Sokolov S.G., Kazakov B.E. 2008. [Redescription of the male of Philometra rischta Skrjabin, 1923 (Nematoda: Dracunculoidea: Philometridae) and notes on morphology of the female of this species] // Invertebrate Zoology. Vol.4 (for 2007). No.2: 151–160 [in Russian, with English summary].

Center of Parasitology, A.N. Severtzov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, RAS, Leninsky pr., 33, Moscow 119071, Russia. E-mail:

doi: 10.15298/invertzool.04.2.04

KEY WORDS: nematodes, morphology, Philometra rischta, Dracunculoidea.

ABSTRACT: The male of Philometra rischta is redescribed from specimens collected from the soft tissues of the roach’s head. Female morphology is studied from original patterns of the roach and bleak, and by the syntypes from museum of Russian K.I. Skrjabin Institute of Helminthology. The males and females of Ph. rischta were studied with the help of scanning electronic microscopy and light microscopy methods. Two circles of cephalic papillae (4 papillae in each), 4 pairs of caudal papillae were found in males; the morphology of spicules, gubernaculum and other organs was described. The males of Ph. rischta are similar to the males of Ph. obturans (Prenant, 1886), but differ from them by the number and location of caudal papillae and by the shape of the caudal end of the body. The complicated assemble of amphidial pores was found in females of Ph. rischta, number and location of cephalic papillae also were conducted. Position of Ph. rischta within the genus Philometroides, defined by Luo et al. (2004) is not confirmed by the present data.

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