Biserov V.1, Pilato G.2, Lisi O.2 2011. Macrobiotus trunovae sp.n., a new species of tardigrade from Russia // Invertebrate Zoology. Vol.8. No.1: 57–62 [in English].

1 Deceased

2 Department of Animal Biology “Marcello La Greca”, University of Catania, Via Androne 81, 95124 Catania, Italy; e-mail:

doi: 10.15298/invertzool.08.1.07

KEY WORDS: Tardigrada, Macrobiotus trunovae sp.n., Russia.

ABSTRACT: Biserov cited the new species Macrobiotus trunovae sp.n. in a paper of 1996 before publishing its description and, unfortunately, he died prematurely. The description of the new species is finished here. M. trunovae sp.n. belongs to the Macrobiotus hufelandi group and differs from most species of the group for the large body size and, overall, for some characters of the egg which have processes very close to one another, and the egg shell with dots sometimes forming a very irregular reticular design.

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