Jirkov I.A., Leontovich M.K. 2012. Biogeography of Polychaeta of the Eurasian North Polar Basin // Invertebrate Zoology. Vol.9. No.1: 41–51 [in English].

Department of Hydrobiology, Biological Faculty, Moscow States University, Leninskije gory, Moscow, Russia, 119991; e-mail: ampharete@yandex.ru

doi: 10.15298/invertzool.09.1.02

KEY WORDS: species range, biogeography, North Polar Basin, Polychaeta.

ABSTRACT: Species ranges within the Eurasian North Polar Basin are investigated on the base of Russian collections and reliable literature data. It was shown that the real pattern of species distribution cannot be explained by the direct influence of abiotic factors. Species can be very abundant up to the boundary of their species range and totally absent in neighboring regions with very similar or the same conditions. Biogeographic boundaries can be situated in places without any sharp changes in abiotic conditions. Boundaries of biogeographic regions and species ranges can be stable for a century despite climatic changes. It is proposed to explain these phenomena by existence of large-scale ecosystems (bioms sensu Clements). It is proposed to split the Eurasian North Polar Basin into several biogeographic regions (= area of bioms).

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