Zotin A.A. 2018. [Synonymy in the family Margaritifera (Bivalvia: Unionidae)] // Invertebrate Zoology. Vol.15. No.1: 131–152 [in Russian, with English summary].

Koltzov’ Institute of Developmental Biology RAS, Vavilov Str., 26, Moscow 119334 Russia. E-mail: zotin@idbras.ru

ABSTRACT: The description of new species and genera of bivalves by incorrect methods has led to the fact that the systematics of many families was confusing. In particular, it was demonstrated that the ratios of the shell measurements and the comparator method do not reliably identify the species of mussels. As a result, the problem of determining valid species became urgent. In particular, this applies to the family Margaritiferidae. Various authors include in the family from 1 to 35 genera. The number of described species exceeds 200. Relying on modern databases and other sources, which mention the names of genera and species included in Margaritiferidae family, I compose synonymy of genera and species of the family. Total synonymy includes 132 generic names, described by at least one author as part of the Margaritiferidae. Of these: 33 names are related to Margaritiferidae, 81 — to the Unionidae, 6 — to the Mycetopodidae, 3 — to Iridinidae, 3 — to Pseudocardiniidae, 2 — to Pteriidae, 1 — to Hyriidae, 1 — to Malleidae, 1 — to Plicatounionidae and 1 — to Myidae. The main difficulty in the synonymy of extinct genera associated with the identification to the species determined as Margaritifera sp. Larvae of mollusks of this genus parasitize on the salmonid fish Salmonidae, which arose no earlier than in the Eocene. Therefore, the species described for the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic cannot be included in the genus Margaritifera. I attribute these species to the extinct genus Palaeomargaritifera. The number of species names mentioned in connection with the family. Margaritiferidae is 201. For extinct species, the author’s names are mostly kept. I believe that 4 valid genera and 12 valid species belong to Margaritiferidae: Cumberlandia monodonta, Margaritanopsis laosensis, Margaritifera dahurica, M. falcata, M. laevis, M. margaritifera, M. middendorffi, Pseudunio auricularius, P. hembeli, P. homsensis, P. marocanus, P. marrianae. This species composition is confirmed by data of genetic analysis and is shared by many researchers. I also proposed 8 extinct valid genera: Dianoconcha, Mengyinaia, Martinsoniconcha, Palaeomargaritifera, Proarcidopsis, Pseudomargaritifera, Qiyangia, Shifangella. The synonymy does not pretend to be complete and will be refined as new data are accumulated.

doi: 10.15298/invertzool.15.1.10

KEY WORDS: Margaritiferidae, synonymy, systematics, bivalves.

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