Kochanova E.S.1, Gaviria S.2 2018. Integrative taxonomy of the freshwater harpacticoid Attheyella crassa G.O. Sars, 1863 (Crustacea: Copepoda: Canthocamptidae) in the Palearctic region // Invertebrate Zoology. Vol.15. No.3: 267–276 [in English].

1 Institute of Biology of Komi Scientific Centre of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kommunisticheskaya 28, Syktyvkar, 167982, Russia. E-mail: Kochanova91@gmail.com

2 University of Vienna, Department of Limnology and Bio-Oceanography & Technisches Büro für Biologie, Fred-Raymond-Gasse 19/2/4, A-1220 Vienna, Austria. E-mail: santiago.gaviria@gmx.at

ABSTRACT: The phylogenetic structure of the freshwater harpacticoid copepod Attheyella crassa G.O. Sars, 1863 was studied. This species is wide-spread in Europe and European Russia. Genetic and morphological divergence of populations from distant localities were analyzed. The most variable morphological characters, as well as genetic diversity among ten Western Palearctic populations, were revealed.

doi: 10.15298/invertzool.15.3.05

KEY WORDS: morphology, systematics, phylogenetics, phylogeography, meiofauna.

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