Jirkov I.A. 2023. On the Amagini (Annelida: Ampharetidae) of Moscow and St.-Petersburg collections with description of three new species // Invertebrate Zoology. Vol.20. No.2: 180–204 [in English].

Department of General Ecology and Hydrobiology, Biological Faculty, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leninskije gory 1, building 12, Moscow, 119234 Russia. E-mail: ampharete@yandex.ru

doi: 10.15298/invertzool.20.2.04

ABSTRACT: Taxonomy of eight ampharetids of the tribe Amagini is discussed on the basis of huge museum collections of Moscow and St-Petersburg (more than 2000 specimens from about 250 samples). It is shown that species of monotypic genera Neopaiwa, Paiwa, and Weddelia are junior synonyms of Samythopsis grubei. Mexamage and Paramage are junior synonyms of Amage. Thus, the tribe includes genera Amage, Grubianella, and Samythopsis. Amage levensteinae sp.n., Amage clemi sp.n., and Amage ceshici sp.n. from the abyssal depths are described. Amage asiatica, Grubianella klugei and Samythopsis grubei are re-described based on the type material.

KEY WORDS: Amage, Amagopsis, Grubianella, Mexamage, Neopaiwa, Paiwa, Paramage, Samythopsis, Weddelia.

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