Fedorenko D.N. 2022. New or little-known Lesticus Dejean, 1828 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Pterostichini) from Vietnam // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.31. No.3: 260–275 [in English].

A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Leninsky pr. 33, Moscow 119071, Russia. E-mail: dmitri-fedorenko@yandex.ru

doi: 10.15298/rusentj.31.3.06

ABSTRACT. Nine species of the genus Lesticus Dejean, 1828 from Vietnam are reviewed, including new four described: L. bellus sp.n., L. verticillatus sp.n., L. attenuatus sp.n., and L. laevis sp.n. New synonymy is established: L. p. praestans (Chaudoir, 1868), stat.n. = L. nigerrimus Straneo, 1953, syn.n., = L. tonkinensis Jedlička, 1962, syn.n. Lesticus mouhotii (Chaudoir, 1868) = L. fortis Tschitschйrine, 1897, syn.n., is downgraded to a subspecies of L. praestans. Lesticus buqueti (Laporte de Castelnau, 1834) = L. chalcothorax (Chaudoir, 1868), syn.n. = L. stephanschoedli Kirschenhofer, 2005, syn.n. = L. salvazai Dubault et al., 2012, syn.n. = L. kangeanensis Dubault et al., 2012, syn.n., is recognized to be a widespread and much described species. Lesticus lakhonus Tschitschйrine, 1900, stat.rest., is resurrected from synonymy of L. chalcothorax. Keys to species and three species groups, the auricollis-, the chalcothorax-, and the insignis-group, are provided.

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pterostichini, new species, new synonymy, Vietnam.

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